• Where did it start?
    The Putnam Education Partnerships Foundation was established in 2007 with an initial focus of assisting classroom teachers with materials and special projects that are not typically covered by classroom budgets. Over the course of the grant program overseen by the PEP board, nearly $12,000 in classroom grants were awarded.
    What do we do?
    Since that time, there has developed a rapidly growing need in our community. It routinely comes to the attention of teachers, school administrators, and support staff that Putnam County school students are going hungry during weekends, two week breaks, and Summer break. The thought of a hungry child is heartbreaking, but to see the effects it has on a child's ability to learn and focus on school work gave PEP Foundation board members an undeniable drive to support and grow the backpack program already in place by West Putnam Food Ministries.
    Pastor Rick Burnett of Crossroads Community Church, who also helped develop the West Putnam program, was elected to the position of president for the PEP Foundation board in 2011. This gave the necessary guidance and expertise to grow the program to what it has since become.
    The backpack program now feeds over 900 students in the Putnam County School System. This includes students from each elementary, middle, and high school in our school system. Students are discretely given small take-home foods that are child-friendly and require no heating or cooling appliances.
    Additional programs:
    The PEP Foundation also supports student physical needs that are not primarily focused on food. Through the already well-established and professional social workers in our school system, physical needs that dramatically effect student performance and safety are addressed.
    We do not accept requests or recommendations from outside our school system. All funding of student needs must be submitted through a school system social worker.
    To find out how you can get involved, visit our "Get Involved" page.
Last Modified on June 8, 2012